How to become a VIP user of our site ?:

1. Buy premium Novafile + Subyshare , don't use resellers ( Only over my affiliate link ) :


(Renewal of a VIP account occurs in the same way.)

2. Tell me your username on Subishare and Novafile , send your message here  [email protected]

within 24 hours (most often within 1 hour) you have been sent your VIP account username and passworld


3. Enter your VIP username and password on this page

4. Enjoy !   


Rules: No using VPN/VPS/proxy/tor/dedicated/hosting... here (only 365 day premium members can use VPN/proxy  ) , No sharing my video,  NO sharing your account with another person. Please do not user it , member violate rules i block on VIP member , please read rules and follow it ! Thank you very much !

We do not accept memberships from Vietnam and some Eastern European countries !


Be sure to read the rules before buying !

If you are not sure write me [email protected] .

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